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3D  Machining

With the use of CNC Mills and CAD/CAM software, DeMark has an array of possibilities in the 3D machining industry. Simple or complex DeMark is able to bring your product to market.


3dm                              3dm2


Design Concept

With our knowledgeable personnel, DeMark is capable to help with your product design, from concept to finished product. We have the knowledge and ability to take your product and reverse engineer to produce a workable solid model design of your existing product.


Design Concept 1                                          Design Concept 2


DeMark has a variety of inspection tools and knowledge on how these tools are to be used including the use of a Faro Arm. The Faro Arm greatly helps in the inspection and/or layout of inspection sheets, of which helps insure a quality product for end customer. DeMark has helped many customers with the design and development of their own gages and fixtures for in house use.


q i 1                                                         q i 2



Prototypes/Product Development

DeMark has helped numerous customers in past with bringing their concept to a prototype status. DeMark welcomes the opportunity to help you with your product development.



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