About Us

Until the spring of 1992, all products were manufactured and warehoused outside of DeMark facilities.  In 1992, Hecock bought out Mumper and took steps to expand the business in terms of its ability to distribute finished products.

In 1995, Hecock purchased the facility at 1115 North Ottokee.  Part of the manufacturing of the ground rod couplers and much of the other manufacturing activities were brought inside the Company rather than being manufactured outside.

In 1996, a plan was put together to expand the business:

  • Add screw machinery, CNC equipment and other related machines to eliminate outsourcing of DeMark products.
  • Put together a plan to do contract work for other companies in Northwest Ohio.
  • Add the necessary skilled people to compliment the existing key personnel.
  • Put a plan together for plant expansion.

In 1997, the Company saw the completion of this plan.  In 1998, the plan continued with the addition of more CNC equipment and additional screw machines.

The present day facility includes electrical products and contract machining and manufacturing.