Innovative Manufacturing and Precision Machining

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Over the years, E&J DeMARK continued to grow and gain recognition in these markets by continuing to invent and innovate high-quality and user-friendly tools and accessories. To date DeMARK holds four US patents and produces eight electrical product lines.

Precision Machining

With the use of CNC Mills and CAD/CAM software, DeMARK has an array of possibilities in the 3D machining industry. Simple or complex DeMARK is able to bring your product to market

Product Development

DeMARK has helped numerous customers in past with bringing their concept to a prototype status. DeMARK welcomes the opportunity to help you with your product development.

About DeMark

Incorporated in 1984 E & J DeMark originally brought new and innovative grounding products to the utility and phone industries. Over the years, DeMark continued to grow, gain recognition, and penetrate these markets by producing high quality and user friendly tools and accessories. In 1995, DeMark moved to a new manufacturing facility and began production of not only their proprietary products for the utility and phone markets, but also as a quality manufacturer of screw machined products.

DeMark has continually expanded its capabilities into CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Centerless Grinding and Swiss Turn technology which have enabled it grow into the future.​

As an ISO 9001 registered and certified company, DeMark has a long history of providing quality and innovation at a competitive price.

The team at E&J Demark proudly displays the Supplier Excellence Award they received from Epcor Foundries, a customer located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

EJ Demark Team Suppliers Excellence Award

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